Every employee during the course of their career reflects upon their future aspirations, career objectives and development. As part of your personal growth, you must have wondered what is the next step that you need to undertake to achieve that dream job, to expect a salary raise, or simply to start your own venture. The answers to all these questions lies in the knowledge and skill set that you might need to undertake. This is where an MBA degree plays its role.

Some of the best MBA programmes are being offered by UK based universities. Although the education sector is filled with enough MBA providers, not all of them suit everyone's career goals and needs. The programmes could either be outdated, not offering insightful knowledge to add to your expertise, or simply unaffordable. In cases like these, your options are narrowed down to few universities offering MBA programmes suitable for you.

Stafford Global as your local partner

Stafford Global is the resource centre for UK universities catering to distance education.ONLINE-MBA Ever since our conception in 1993, we have expanded our student recruitment expertise to various countries worldwide. At present, we are the partners of five different UK universities offering various online, blended and part time educational programmes. The universities under the Stafford umbrella include the likes of University of Leicester, University of Northampton, Edinburgh Napier University, University of Dundee and the University of Nottingham.

Our student recruitment expertise allows us to provide distance learning programmes from some of the top ranked universities in the UK. Our MBA programmes are offered from the University of Leicester, the University of Northampton and the Edinburgh Napier University. Each programme differs in the mode of delivery and content covered.

Read on to understand more about these programmes and universities.

  • University of Leicester: As one of the top 2% of universities in the world, the University of Leicester MBA programme is taught part time in many regional centres around the world as a combination of online learning and face to face residential workshops. The online content allows students to access learning materials, tutorial support, recorded lectures and live seminars. As the programme is taught part time, the residential workshops help students to develop understanding of strategic thinking, negotiation skills, leading and leadership skills.
  • University of Northampton: The University of Northampton is another top ranked UK university offering MBA via blended learning. The online element of the programme helps students to access modules, assignments, tutorial support and a digital library that helps them to build a portfolio of assignments and case studies. The blended learning part of the MBA allows students to attend workshops hosted by the flying faculty of the university. Students also get a chance to develop professional networking relationships with fellow classmates who come from various industrial backgrounds with years of experience.
  • Edinburgh Napier University: The Edinburgh Napier University offers an impressive MBA that can be studied purely online without any attendance required. The global online MBA aims to develop managerial and specialist leadership knowledge to prepare managers to contribute positively in the business world and the society we live in. The flexible online nature of the programme allows students to study from anywhere across the world and is ideal for candidates who are always on the move and cannot manage to attend any physical classes. The online MBA also offers students with an exclusive chance to specialise their MBA in a field of their choice.

For an itinerant workforce or a professional busy maintaining the work-life balance, our MBA programmes provide you with a convenient mode of learning that doesn't require you to give up on your social or professional commitments. Whether you are attending workshops or studying purely online, our programmes are equipped to provide you with the much needed knowledge that you need to flourish in your career.

Our Stafford consultants are here to assist you with choosing the right programme, whilst helping you to make a successful application to any of these universities and help you kick start your studies. We are just a quick call away to help you get started.

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