Why an MBA after engineering…

In recent times, students who pursued courses in either transportation engineering or other engineering courses have been drawn to an MBA. why you ask? Well when looking to get a post graduate certificate, the choice is often between an MBA and an advanced engineering degree.

Before address this issue, let me present the background. While I chatted with three engineering students about the choice between doing an MBA and getting an advanced engineering degree, the main point of discussion was the future prospects or benefits from investing in either degree. The engineering students had successfully attained jobs in their respective fields and had also reached the cap of their growth prospects. This is the drawback behind any specialized degree, the growth is only so much!

At this juncture, a profession with a highly reputed degree in engineering either needs to find a new job with a company that has the potential for more growth or venture into entrepreneurship. Both of which are not the easiest of options.

We then discussed deeper on the topic and started talking about the criteria they used in making their choice, the bottom line was three points that always lingered at the back of their minds:

  • Advancing their career
  • Competitive advantage
  • Follow their passion

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Here are their thoughts on the above.

When asked for individual reasons they did not opt for engineering graduate program UAE based institutions had to offer, one said that, his desire to pursue an MBA stemmed from his desire to handle complex, strategic problems, instead of the structured engineering type problems he was used to.

The next response was that the decision to do an MBA materialized when he was presented with the opportunity to get a post graduate certificate online, he found that he needed to do something that was relevant to his present career option. At the time, he had grown in the company he worked for, and was handling more of the business side of things like cost estimation, project management and proposal development, than the traditional ‘nuts and bolts’ responsibilities. Therefore, it was obvious that an MBA would be more beneficial than an advanced engineering degree.

The third student told me he went online and searched for distance education in Dubai for engineering students, but was surprised to see an option for an MBA. He then chose an MBA because he found out that it complimented just about any undergraduate degree and it gave him the capacity to function in different roles in any organisation in any part of the world!

Aside these three students, a number of working professionals with an engineering background have been attracted to a Masters in Business for a long time. Here are the reasons for this:

  1. An MBA builds a bridge between technology, science and every day life. While engineering students are taught how to build and invent and innovate, the MBA teaches them to apply those innovations to real world problems. These kind of skilled leaders are the bridge between all the components of life and are most sought after.
  2. Engineering students learn the art of management. While engineering teaches them that solving problems are white and black, a business degree opens them to the fact that there are grey areas to navigate. At the end, they become skilled at organizing skills and managing people’s talents, to the benefit of any organization or business.
  3. Engineers become better at what they do, if they understand the business implications of their decisions. Their professional skills improve and they become better leaders of their teams.
  4. With an MBA, different career paths are opened up to engineering graduates. They are spoilt for choice and highly sought after individuals because of their ability to address situations and problems from both sides. 
  5. Most importantly, engineering professionals drastically improve their earning potential upon achieving an MBA. 

After reading this, there should be no doubt in your mind that getting an MBA after completing your engineering degree is the best for you.


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