How important is a business administration certificate? Why do an MBA and what are the benefits in it for me? These questions are common for people who are trying to decide if they will do an MBA or not. The answer to these questions help an individual  determine whether an MBA is worth the time, effort, money and more that is invested in an MBA. 

With the proliferation of top rated online MBA programs, getting an postgraduate degree is made a whole lot easier. One can either opt for a residential program in a physical university or go for top Universities offering distance learning MBA delivery options. Distance learning MBA programs are directed and designed for working professionals that gives them all the benefits of having an MBA, without stopping them from carrying out their responsibilities either on the job or with their business.

After getting an MBA, what does it do for You? 

  1. Credibility: There are ways people can build credibility or recognition in the business world. For example, I can volunteer to do jobs beyond my pay grade or comfort level in my current place of employment and help build/etch a name for myself in the company. I could also start a side business or co-find with friends or family members, these would establish my credibility as an emerging entrepreneur. But, if I want to build the academic version of credibility in the business world, then I need an MBA.
  2. Transferrable Skills: This is perhaps the greatest benefit of an MBA or any postgraduate distance learning course. The skills acquired can be applicable in any field or industry. This is because it is not career-specific, I can advance in any industry, despite my job title, with an MBA. This qualification can earn me transferrable skills such as critical thinking, leadership skills, creativity and professional communication, which would place me in an advantageous position in any industry.
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  3. Increases Earning Potential: Students who pursue a higher education qualification be it in a business field or a medical field, almost always experience career growth along with financial growth. So if you have experience coupled with a reputed qualification you should ideally have a fifty percent increase in your earnings. Now, this does not mean you would receive a 50% raise on your salary, it means you would find yourself in an informed position to multiply your wealth while minimizing risks, either through mutual fund investments, venture capitalism, diversification and so on. According to a peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Education for Business, students who got an MBA had a fifty percent raise in earning and an eighty percent raise five years after getting their MBAs.
  4. Expanded Network: Pursuing an MBA UAE based qualification gives working professionals the opportunity to expand their network of professional contacts. In today's day and age all business and opportunities are a result of networking and relationships. Meeting people on an MBA could improve yoour contact reach to lawyers, investment bankers, marketeers, CEO's and more.  This network would give you access when looking for a new job, looking for investment opportunities or even looking to secure your current investments. Your network becomes 100 times more relevant when and if you decide to start a business and walk down the entrepreneurial path.  
  5. Job SecurityBecause the job market has become an uncertain place in recent times, having a business administration certificate gives you an edge and marketable skillset. This would open up new prospects for you and keep you always relevant in the job market.


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