If you are student looking to continue your higher education through online studies, or an existing student currently studying an online programme, you have already been exposed to the idea of distance learning. The online mode of learning has been around for some 30 years with universities providing all kinds of programmes, ranging from bachelor's degree programmes to master's degree programmes online. The trend has been shifting in the favour of online studies with major universities such as the University of Leicester, University of Dundee and University of Nottingham offering programmes that can be studied either completely online or part-time with local residential workshops in the UAE.

How recognised are online programmes ?

As universities increasingly incorporate online learning in their curriculum, we often come across a debate on the importance of online learning and how viable this mode of study is. Students across the world have been exposed to both positive and negative experiences with online studies, and hence a common question arises on the legitimacy of the institution offering the online course and how recognised the qualification is. In cases like these, we always advise students to conduct  detailed and thorough research on the recognition and history of the institution that you are looking to apply to and ensure that you enrol with the right provider.

As per industry experts, a major source to confirm the background of the institution is to look for the Government's official recognition of the University in consideration. For example, the Quality Assurance Agency in the UK, often referred to as QAA approves and recognises universities awarding higher education degrees to students in the UK and worldwide. For any university to be recognised in the UK, it has to carry that QAA assurance and fulfil the relevant requirements to gain recognition in the UK.

Every country has a government affiliated authority to recognise universities in that country, hence candidates seeking higher education opportunities in that country must contact the government to ensure the institution is sufficiently recognised and recommended.

Recognition of our partner institutions

At Stafford, we provide online and distance learning degrees to various counties worldwide and our partner Universities are fully recognised and recommended by the UK Government's Quality Assurance Agency. The degrees awarded by our partner institutions can be studied online or part-time and enjoy the same status and recognition as the full-time counterparts. Because of the identical course requirements and an equivalent recognition status, the degrees do not mention online or distance learning on the degree certificate and transcripts, hence awarding you the same qualification as a full-time student graduating from the UK.

Our partner Universities in the UK enjoy international recognition and offer a rich portfolio of courses ranging from business management and education, to health, media, leadership and psychology. The programmes are either taught fully online using various Learning Management Systems (LMS) or part time, with a blend of periodic face-to-face workshops taught by UK based tutors. As our expertise has been around for more than 25 years, we offer consultation on all university requirements and admissions procedures, promising long term positive relationships with our current and previous students.

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