If you are looking for a career that will make you earn six figures then you got to start working hard right now. No, there is no easy way to earn hundreds of thousands each month. You need to walk the best path to success from the get go, having said that, here are a few of the online masters degree programs that help you get to where you want to go.

Engineering ($115,000 - $168,000)

engineering-702553-edited.jpgEngineers dominate when it comes to landing an impressive paycheck. Currently, seven of the top highest-paying degree courses belong in the field of engineering: petroleum, nuclear, electronics and communications, computer and network. Engineers get a higher paycheck when they are licensed however only 10% of engineers are because most manufacturing companies do not require licenses.

Computer Science ($107,000)

High grades and an extensive work experience will land top computer jobs however, most computer science graduates also work on independent projects who also earn six figure salaries. A bachelors degree graduate in computers will be able to boost his career and earn more from a masters degree program or an online masters degree programs in the field of business and management to compliment the computer degree.computer-science-751710-edited.jpg

A big name university could increase your chances of getting hired but there are also graduates who are from lesser-known schools that could get jobs even at Apple, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft. The best way to turn the heads of recruiters is to take additional training, be a part of updated projects and taking coding projects as well.

Physics ($106,000)

According to the American Institute of Physics, a graduate with a bachelors degree in Physics physics-785517-edited.jpgwill be able to find a job almost anywhere. He could work in educational institutions such as high schools or trade schools, in the military, publishing firms, domestic and foreign government institutions and so on. Recent studies also reveal that those who take a bachelors degree in Physics end up taking a postgraduate degree program to improve their careers.

Applied mathematics ($102,000)

A degree in mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics will be able to help you aim for that six figure paycheck in no time. Reports say that 95% of people with a degree in
mathematics and 92% of statistics graduates are employed with a good salary. This degree could also lead to work in the management industry and of course taking a post graduate degree will be able to boost your earnings immensely.

Aside from taking a bachelors degree, a postgraduate course will definitely have a positive impact on your paycheck and make you more qualified to take a higher position in your company and within your industry.

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